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A successful dealership is informed, knowledgeable and has access to a range of high-performance drive systems solutions. Our in-house support, extensive belt range and authorised dealership programme equips you for success in any market.

Our network of authorised dealers are experts in their field, market, or the applications and machinery they work with. We work directly with our dealers to communicate the benefits of our drive systems range to all machine owners and end users.

Authorised CRP Dealer Benefits

  • the largest belt reference database in the world
  • a comprehensive stock of drive system products
  • on-going support, service, and product expertise.

Largest Belt Reference Database in the World

We understand the landscape of original equipment spare parts better than anyone else with over 600,000+ spare parts reference. We can help you find and buy the right drive belts to fit your customers’ machinery with a perfect match and optimised performance.

Access to Over 100,000 Belts in UK Stock Holding

We work closely with our dealers to ensure that we have stock availability for requested spare parts and deliver quicker than any other EU supplier. The regular deliveries from our US factories and warehouses means you can be sure of quicker lead times with CRP.

Ongoing Support, Service and Expertise

Our network spans 42 countries, 100s of dealers, 20 years of experience and 9 markets which means we are experts in drive systems for a range of market-specific applications and machinery. As a CRP authorised dealer you will benefit from the latest in drive systems optimisation to deliver a better service to your customers.


Become an Authorised Dealer

We work closely with our network of authorised OEMs to develop a detailed understanding of production schedules and requirements. Our stock holding is aligned with production scheduling to support just-in-time manufacturing and smoothen spikes and downturns in production.

Wider Access to Cutting-Edge Belts

You will join a growing network of dealers who have market- or application-specific knowledge where knowledge sharing is important for advancing the performance of end-user drive systems and machinery.

Quickest US-EU Lead Times in Europe

We have 100,000+ drive belts in UK stockholding and regular deliveries from our US warehouse and factories to provide quicker, and more accurate deliveries to our customers.

Ongoing Support and Product Expertise

We deliver support classes and in-dealership training programmes to equip your technicians with the latest drive systems information and expertise.



We have a stock of over 100,000 drive belts supported by sprockets, pulleys, idlers and tensioners for an aftermarket belt range of over 600,000 part numbers. Get in touch to arrange a call back and our expert staff will arrange for a free quote on your drive belt requirements.