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Our Markets

View the CRP Range of Powersports Belts
ATVs, UTVs, SXSs & Snowmobiles

We supply high-performance Ultimax® CVT Belts for Snowmobiles, ATV and UTV riders who refuse to settle for second best.

View the CRP Range of Transport Refrigeration Belts
Reefers, Trucks & Refrigerated Containers

We offer a unique range of transport refrigeration belts built to outperform OE parts across efficiency, lifetime and resistance to extreme temperatures.

View the CRP Range of Agricultural Belts
Tractors, Gators, Combines & More

We stock a full range of agricultural belts built for outstanding performance and stability on the toughest agricultural drives including combines, gators, and tractors.

View the CRP Range of Industrial Belts
Food Processing, Textiles, Printing & More

We partner with Carlisle Belts by Timken to supply a huge range of heavy-duty industrial belts for unrivalled power and reliability on a wide-range of industrial machinery.

View the CRP Range of Drive Belts for Lawnmowers and Outdoor Power Equipment
Lawnmowers & Outdoor Power Equipment

We stock complete drive solutions for lawnmowers and outdoor power equipment with high-performance drive belts, idlers and pulleys including the Aramax® belt range.

View the CRP Range of Automotive Belts
Passenger Cars, Trucks, Buses & Vans

We partner with leading automotive belt manufacturer Dayco Belts to supply a range of belts built to power the world’s best cars, trucks, scooters and motorcycles.

View the CRP Range of Drive Belts for Laundry and Domestic Applications
Washing Machines, Dryers & Vaccum Cleaners

We have designed a range of aftermarket belt solutions for proven performance on the most popular washing machines, tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners and more.

View the CRP Range of Drive Belts for Oil & Gas Applications
Mud Pumps, Pump Jacks & More

We supply a range of heavy-duty oil & gas belts built for trouble-free performance on the most aggressive applications saving you from expensive downtime and damages.

View the CRP Range Drive Belts for Construction and Mining Applications
Bullzoders, Crushers, Excavators & More

We deliver a range of Carlisle Belts by Timken built for extreme stability on the harshest drives with outstanding resilience to pulsating or heavy shock loads.