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Drive Belts

Boost Your Productivity with High-Performance US-Spec Drive Belts by Carlisle Belts

Image Displaying V-Belts Part of the CRP Drive Belts Range
Delivering Longer Belt Life

Gold-standard performance built for longer belt life, higher horsepower and superior strength. Our range of V-Belts feature Raw-Edge Sidewalls, EPDM Construction, and Heavy-Duty Fabric Covering for unparalleled quality on drives.

Image Displaying Synchronous Belts Part of the CRP Drive Belts Range
Improving Efficiency & Stability

Break the chains for quieter, smoother, and highly efficient drive system performance from our range of Synchronous Belts. Featuring the market-leading Panther® XT a high-torque belt built strong, silent and agile like a Panther.

Image Displaying Banded Belts Part of the CRP Drive Belts Range
Built for Extreme Strength

Keep your drive system in motion with the toughest performance on the toughest applications. Our Banded Belts combine the performance of V-Belts with the stability of Flat Belts to eliminate turnover on the harshest of applications.

Image Displaying CVT Belts Part of the CRP Drive Belts Range
Designed by Ultimax Belts

Follow the world’s best powersports riders and drive extreme performance from your ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles, Go-Karts and more. Our CVT Belts by Ultimax® Belts are rigorously tested to be miles beyond any of the competition.

Image Displaying Ribbed Belts Part of the CRP Drive Belts Range
Optimised for High-Speed Drives

Take your operation to the sixth gear with Ribbed Belts engineered for high-speed drives. Featuring the unique Elastic Stretch Belt built to stretch the power of your drive system past the competition with self-tensioning properties.

Image Displaying Flat Belts Part of the CRP Drive Belts Range
Ideal for Domestic Appliances

Flat Belts

Get peak-level performance from our superb range of flat belts. Featuring the Vacuum Cleaner Flat Belt engineered specifically to OEM specifications for “better-than-new” performance on your vacuum cleaners and sweepers.

Image Displaying Automotive Belts Part of the CRP Drive Belts Range
Powering Cars, Trucks & Buses for Longer

Put some distance between you and the competition. Our Automotive Belts by Dayco Belts are built for longer belt life and cooler runs. Featuring the market-leading Dayco Gold-Label® Serpentine Belt built with unique rubber compounds.

Image Displaying Specialty Belts Part of the CRP Drive Belts Range
Designed for Unique Applications

Explore a range of Specialty Belts fine-tuned for a unique performance on niche applications. Emergency Replacement Belts, Textile Industry Belts, Round Belts, Conveyor Belts, Serpentine Belts, and Bowling Ball Lift V-Belts.

Quicker Lead Times Across Europe on over 600,000 Drive Belts from CRP

For over 20 years, we have partnered with market-leading US drive belt manufacturer Carlisle Belts by Timken to supply industrial belts and power transmission equipment to OEMs, Dealers and Distributors across the EMEA region.

Our comprehensive range of industrial belts spans across 600,000 aftermarket spare parts references, 100,000+ belts in UK stock holding and uniquely designed belts for enhanced performance on applications. Including, Powersports Belts, Agricultural Belts, Lawn & Garden Belts, Transport Refrigeration Belts, Industrial Belts, Oil & Gas Belts, Construction & Mining Belts, Automotive Belts, and Laundry & Domestic Belts.

As a technical wholesaler and power transmission specialist, we support our network of OEMs and Distributors with:

  • Full Independent Drive Design for greater power output, efficiency and profitability of OEM machinery
  • Just-in-Time Manufacturing Support with quicker lead times and wider stock availability across the range
  • Ongoing Support including drive belt expertise, marketing or sales advice and CRP packaged aftermarket solutions
  • International Documentation Service including Packing List, Legalised Certification of Origin and Certificate of Conformances

Enquire About Our Range of Drive Belts

We strive to deliver an excellent customer experience for our clients across the world. With over 100,000 belts in UK stock holding, more than 600,000 spare parts cross-references and quicker EU lead times. We provide better access to replacement belts quicker than any other EU competitor. Get in touch with us today and our customer service team will get back to you within 72 hours with a free quote on your exact power transmission and drive belts requirements.