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Banded Belts

Banded Belts Built for Tougher Performance and Stability on the Most Aggressive Drives

Combining the Power of V-Belts and the Stability of Flat Belts for Outstanding Performance

Banded Belts feature multiple V-Belt strands permanently bonded together enabling the belt to act as a single unit. This ensures the belt distributes load and wear evenly and has significantly less disruption from heavy shock loads, vibrations and belt whip or turnover.

Banded V-Belts are designed for OEM drive designs which require multiple V-Belts in operation across a single unit. Combining the multiple belt strands eliminates single belts coming off during fluctuating or pulsating load tensions. This makes Banded Belts perfect for use on heavy-duty machinery or drive systems impacted by harsh vibrations such as outdoor equipment, mining applications, oil and gas operations, agricultural vehicles and HVAC systems (compressors, blowers and fans).

We supply a comprehensive range of Banded V-Belts by leading US belt manufacturer Carlisle Belts by Timken. Our belts come with an Ironclad Manufacturer Warranty and the latest in advanced drive belt technology, including:

  • Highly-Engineered Double-Ply Tie Band for stronger, more stable and permanent bonding between the belts
  • Chemically Treated Oversized Polyester Cord for maximum resistance to stretch and stability during peak shock loads
  • Patented Rotocure Construction Method to eliminate variances in belt engineering for a smoother and strong belt operation

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