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Heavy-Duty Banded Belts

Aramax® Wedge Band®

Available in R8VK Sections

Crushing the competition on strength and stability on tougher belt drives

Aramax® Wedge-Band® is designed for extraordinary strength on the toughest belt drives. Ideally suited for oil field equipment, rock and quarry applications, forestry applications and heavy construction machinery.

Built with extra-strong aramid cord to provide maximum protection from the damaging impacts of heavy shock loads. And, featuring Double Ply Tie-Band for superior bonding enabling the belt to act as a single unit. This assures a smoother operation, even loading of distribution and wear, and elimination of belt whip or turnover through vibration and shock load dampening.

Important Information About Aramax® Wedge-Band®

Because of the high horsepower loads, standard 8V cast iron Q-D pulleys do not have sufficient horsepower capacity to operate with the Aramax Wedge-Band. Therefore, you will require specialised pulleys.

These super high performance banded belts do not have drive design literature. Therefore, we recommend working with our engineered department for drive design assistance. This assures maximum performance and minimum risk to belt or drives breakages. 

Aramax Wedge-Band Available in R8VK Sections

Aramax® Wedge-Band® Features

Aramax Wedge-Band Belt Features

1. Extra-Strong Aramid Cord* for greater horsepower and maximum breakage protection from heavy shock loads.

2. Double Ply Engineered Tie-Band assures a smooth and stable operation through permanently bonding belts together and eliminating belt whip or turnover through a single unit operation.

When R8VK belts are used as a matched set, all belts must have the same sag number. High-modulus aramid cord belts require closer matching than standard R8V bels to tension properly as a set.

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