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Image showing Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Band®ed Belts by Carlisle Belts
Cogged Banded Belts

Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Band®

Available in RBX, RCX, & RDX Sections

Up to 50% Longer belt Life and Stable Even on the Most Extreme Drives

Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Band® is the Energy Saver of the cogged banded belt industry! By combining the longer belt-life and superior performance of the industry’s best V-Belts with the stability of banded belts. Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Bands® prevent belt whip and rollover on long centre distance drives.

The ideal choice for heavy shock load drives and applications where increased horsepower or speed is required. Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Bands® feature precision moulded cogs, raw-edge sidewalls, and heavy-duty band reinforcements to greatly enhance stability, easily absorb heavy shock loads, and deliver tenacious gripping power on matched pulleys. 

Gold-Ribbon Cog Band Available in RBX, RCX, RDX Sections

Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Band® Features

1. Precision Moulded Cogs provide superior flexibility to dissipate heat and reduce space requirements for smaller pulley diameters.

2. Raw-Edge Sidewalls boost belt performance and efficiency by gripping the pulley with tenacious grip strength and higher coefficient of friction.

3. Double Ply Engineered Tie-Band assures a smooth and stable operation through permanently bonding belts together and eliminating belt whip or turnover through a single unit operation.

4. Formulated Chloroprene Backing protects against oil and heat with superior resistance against adverse and harsh environmental conditions.

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