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Ultimax® ATV Belts for ATVs
Ultimax® ATV UA Belt

Ultimax® ATV Belts

Built to Match OE Cord Length & Width

Designed for Unparalleled Performance on ATV, UTV, and SXS Vehicles

Ultimax® ATV Belts are uniquely designed for specific applications and follows a “no one size fits all” approach. The best-performer of the best-selling Ultimax Belts range for ATV, UTV, and SXS vehicles.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, the Ultimax® ATV Belts feature the cutting-edge belt technology featured in all Ultimax® Belts. Along with, extra-strong formulated rubber compounds for extreme strength capable of handling more load and abuse than the OE drive belt.

A “better-than-new” performance from a belt designed to outperform OE drive belts.

Find your replacement belt from a wide selection of part numbers which cover all major brands and models of ATVs, UTVs, and SXS vehicles.

Ultimax® ATV UA Features

Image showing the Ultimax ATV Belt a CVT Belt and Powersports Belt for ATVs, UTVs, and Side-by-Side Vehicles
  • Designed to outperform OE belts with stronger and tougher compounds to handle more load and abuse
  • Fibre-loaded rubber designed for maximum grip on the clutches throughout the lifetime of the belt
  • Extra-strong aramid cord for zero stretch and maximum strength keeping your vehicle in motion 
  • Built with innovative engineering methods to eliminate failure and deliver longer-lasting drive belts
  • Wide range of belts built for optimum performance on popular ATV, UTV & SXSs makes and models

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Ultimax ATV UA Belts Interchange
Ultimax ATV UA Belt Dimensions

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