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Ultimax® Snowmobile Belts

Ultimax® PRO Belts

Built to Match OE Cord Length & Width

Proven to Drive Quicker Acceleration from Mid-Power Snowmobiles

Ultimax® PRO Belts have been specifically engineered to power the experience of snowmobile riders. A quicker acceleration, greater power capabilities and longer lasting belts mean a top-class performance for riders with passion.

Decades of experience and millions of miles of field testing are built into every Ultimax belt. With high-strength materials to handle every riding style from ditch-banging, to deep powder and trail riding.

Ultimax® PRO Belts keep you ahead of the pack with unbeatable value and performance.

Now, with a thicker cross-section for more surface area to contact with the clutch. Ultimax® PRO ensures your drive system slips less at a broader speed and quicker acceleration. This keeps your sled in action longer with cooler runs and greater performance over a longer belt life.

Ultimax® PRO Belts Features

Image showing the Ultimax® PRO Belt a CVT Belt and Snowmobile Belt for Snowmobiles
  • Designed with a thicker cross-section for maximum clutch grip and less slippage at quicker acceleration
  • Featuring a new cog design which dissipates heat and aid flexibility for longer belt life and cooler runs
  • Top and bottom cog design gives greater flexibility and cord support to deliver enhanced power capability 
  • Fibre-loaded rubber design drives further grip on the clutch throughout the lifetime of the belt 
  • Extra-strong aramid cord protects against belt stretch and delivers maximum tensile strength
  • Built with modern engineering processes to reduce variability and eliminate classic belt failure modes 
  • Built to precise OE specifications for “as-new” performance on a range of popular snowmobile models

Ultimax® PRO Belts Downloads

Ultimax PRO Belt Interchange Guide
Ultimax PRO Belt Dimensions Guide

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