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Ultimax® Snowmobile Belts

Ultimax® XS Belts

Built to Match OE Cord Length & Width

Ultimax® XS Belts Delivers Peak Power and Efficiency for the Highest Peaks!

Ultimax® XS Belts: built to drive screamin’ high-performance on the track or trail from high-power snowmobiles.

Ultimax® XS Belts are the ultimate in high-performance snowmobile belts! Built to withstand the brutal power and extreme temperatures of the biggest and best snowmobiles and race riders in the world.

Designed with decades of experience in high-performance CVT drives and constructed with proprietary high-temperature rubber compounds. The Ultimax® XS deliver sub-zero performance on today’s biggest sleds without sacrificing grip or stability.

Ride harder and longer with a consistent performance backed by over a million miles a year of documented field testing. And, superior strength against the assault of belt problems that try to spoil your fun.

Ultimax® XS drives more power, more strength, and more adrenaline than any other CVT belt.

Ultimax® XS Belts Features

Ultimax® XS Belts by Ultimax® Belts
  • Built for maximum performance on modern high-power snowmobiles and sleds
  • Improved design gives superior resistance to flex cracks and a consistent performance
  • Handles the brutal power and extreme temperatures of top race sled with ease
  • Constructed with proprietary high-temperature rubber compounds for sub-zero performance
  • Features extra-strong aramid cord for zero stretch and maximum tensile strength
  • Engineered with the latest manufacturing methods to eliminate classic belt failure modes
  • Dimensions are held to tighter tolerances for “better-than-new” performance from installation

Ultimax® XS Belts Downloads

Ultimax XS Belts Interchange Guide
Ultimax XS Belts Dimensions Guide

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