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HVAC Timing Belts

Air Cool Heat Exchange Belts

Available in 14M Sections

Unique Z-Twist Construction for Significantly Longer Belt Life

Uniquely designed for outstanding performance on air cooled heat exchange applications and HVAC equipment. Air Cool Heat Exchange Belts feature premium-quality materials, performance-targeted engineering and a one-of-a-kind construction for unrivalled performance.

Z-Twist Ultra-Cord Tensile Members, Nylon Tooth Facing, and Precision-Ground Backings combine for outstanding resistance to abrasion, oil, heat, chemicals and harsh environmental conditions for longer belt life. Supported by RPP Profiles and Tooth Indentation for noise reduction, shock absorption, and a greater transfer of power.

The “Z” twist cord construction provides an upward direction of lateral movement which helps to keep the belt off of the bottom flanges, reducing excessive wear on the bottom side of the belt.

CRP ACHE Belts Available in 14M Sections

Air Cool Heat Exchange Belts Features

Air Cool Heat Exchange Belts for HVAC Features

1. Unique z-twist construction with Ultra-Cord® Tensile Members improves belt life through reducing tension decay and strengthing belt fibres

2. Tooth indentation reduces noise for a smoother belt life by dampening shock and peak loads

3. Graphite-loaded nylon tooth facing provides superior resistance against belt wear with self-lubricating properties 

4. RPP® Profiles transmit greater power ratings over a smoother operation through resisting jump and shear and avoiding abrasion on the sprocket

5. Precision-ground backing smoothens operation on backside idlers

6. Able compounds increase belt performance over a longer lifetime

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