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Panther® Belts by CRP
Synchronous Belts

Panther® Belts

Available in 8M, 14M, and 20M Sections

Boost Your Efficiency and Reduce Your Downtime with Panther® Belts

Offering higher torque capacity than conventional synchronous belts with stronger, more resilient, and efficient Panther® Power. Panther® Belts are designed to improve performance and drive life with minimum downtime and maintenance.

Engineered with Ultra-Cord Tensile Members and Nylon Tooth Facing to deliver significantly improved belt life, dimensional stability and graphite-loading self-lubricating teeth. With further support from RPP Profiles, Precision-Grounded Backing and Advanced Polymer Compounds. Panther® Synchronous Belts offer jump and shear resistance performance with smoother operation on backside idlers and up to 98-99% operating efficiency for reduced energy consumption.

Panther Synchronous Belts Available in 8M, 14M and 20M Sections from CRP

Panther® Belts Features

  • Ultra-Cord Tensile Members deliver greater strength, reduced tension decay and improved belt life
  • Graphite-Loaded Nylon Tooth Facing with wear resistant and self-lubrication for less maintenance
  • RPP Belt Profiles provide resistance to jump and shear on tough drives with greater power transfer
  • Advanced Polychloroprene Compounds significantly increase performance, belt life, and teeth strength
  • Performing at 98-99% operating efficiency for reduced energy consumption throughout the life of the belt

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