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Panther® XT Belts - High-Performance Synchronous Belts by Carlisle Belts
Synchronous Belts

Panther® XT Belts

Available in 8M & 14M Sections

Panther® XT: Breaking the Chains for Stronger and Smoother Performance

Channeling the power of the Panther. Panther® XT Belts are uniquely engineered to deliver unparalleled strength, efficiency, and smoothness for matched pulleys and sprockets.

Runs Like a Panther

Panther® XT Belts are engineered to achieve higher power ratings and improved operational efficiency. By minimising the required drive widths, the Panther® XT enables more compact drive designs and savings on reduced metal costs.

Strong Like a Panther

Built with carbon cord construction featuring high tensile strength and minimal stretch the Panther® XT delivers enhanced durability. Support by specifically engineered low-friction and abrasion-resistant fabric, oil and heat resistance up to 120C/248F, and high-elasticity HSN rubber. The Panther® XT delivers the power of the Panther with improved performance and durability in the toughest environments.  

Quiet Like a Panther

Rubber construction and special fabric design reduce high-frequency noise substantially when compared to polyurethane belt construction.

Panther XT Belts Available in 8M and 14M Sections

Panther® XT Belts Features

  • High-Modulus Carbon Fibre Cord with high tensile strength for minimal stretch and increased durability
  • Engineered Low-Friction Tooth Fabric for resistance against abrasion and extended belt life
  • HSN Rubber Compounds reduce noise, resist heat/oil and improve performance in harsh conditions

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