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Carlisle Laser-Align is a Quick and Accurate Pulley Alignment Tool
Pulley Alignment Tool


Part Number: 109083

Save Money and Energy on Your Drives with Laser-Align: Pulley Alignment Tool

Carlisle Laser-Align is a fast and accurate pulley alignment tool. It’s fitted with magnets for quicker setup and permanently calibrated for easier correction of pulley misalignment.

The Laser-Align Tool can be magnetically mounted against the side of one of the pulleys with two magnetic targets placed against the pulley on the opposite side of the drive. The laser projects from the end of the tool onto the targets, allowing the user to quickly correct all types of misalignment.

The proper alignment of a drive system is critical to belt lifetime and system performance.

A correctly aligned drive will:

  • Reduce Wear
  • Increase Belt Life
  • Reduce Vibration
  • Increase Energy Savings

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