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Spring-Loaded Tensionmeter
Belt Tensioning Device


Part Number: Single Stem (102761), Double Stem (105575), Triple Stem (105576)

Tension Your Belts with Tensionmeter for Longer Belt Life and Greater Efficiency

Carlisle Spring-Loaded Belt Tensionmeter accurately measures the tension of v-belts, synchronous belts and banded belts. 

Proper belt tensioning is one of the most important factors for satisfactory operation and long service life. Too little tension will result in slippage, causing rapid belt and sheave wear. Too much tension can result in excessive stress on the belts, bearings, and shafts.

The force required to deflect a span length by a given amount is related to the tension in the belt. This tool measures that deflection for more accurate configuration of drive belts and drive systems.

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