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Sprockets, Sheaves and Tensioners Wholesaler

Sprockets, Pulleys and Tensioners

Completing Your Drive System with Sprockets and Pulleys Designed for Unbeaten Performance

Martin Sprockets and Gears Trans

Partnering with Martin Sprockets Inc. for Maximum Performance from Your Drive System

We are proud to partner with MARTIN® Sprockets & Gear to provide a full selection of Drive Belt Pulleys, Sheaves, Sprockets and Bushings which complete our belt drive systems. We strive to provide you with a full range of US-manufactured power transmission parts for the European marketplace including 3V and 5V Pulleys and QD Bushings.

Since 1951, Martin® Sprocket & Gear has been a leading manufacturer of power transmission products, material handling components and systems, and industrial hand tools with specialisation in a wide variety of products for high-performance drive systems including:

  • Bushings – All popular styles including QD, Split Taper, and Tapered Bore
  • Sheaves – V-Belt, Synchronous (HTD and Classical tooth)
  • Sprockets – A Plate, B-Hub – Plain and Bored-to-Size, C-Hub, Engineered
  • Synchronous Belt Sprockets – V-Belt Sheaves, QD Sheaves, MST® and Taper Bushed Sheaves, Variable Pitch Sheaves, Fractional Horsepower Sheaves, Bushings, QD Bushings, Taper Bushed Bushings, MST® Bushings

For optimum performance and increased belt life, choose Carlisle Belts® by Timken® and Martin® metals. We’re your one-stop for belt drive solutions: Product, Service, Delivery, Quality, and Engineering Support.

Enquire About Our Range of Sprockets, Pulleys, and Tensioners

We strive to deliver an excellent customer experience for our clients across the world. With over 100,000 belts in UK stock holding, more than 600,000 spare parts cross-references and quicker EU lead times. We provide better access to replacement belts quicker than any other EU competitor. Get in touch with us today and our customer service team will get back to you within 72 hours with a free quote on your exact power transmission and drive belts requirements.