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High Performance HTS Synchronous Sprockets
High-Performance Synchronous Pulleys

HTS Synchronous Sprockets

Available in 5mm, 8mm, 14mm & 20mm Pitches

High-Performance HTS Synchronous Sprockets for High Horsepower Belts

HTS Synchronous Sprockets and High-Performance Synchronous Sprockets are designed to run with today’s highest horsepower synchronous belts and RPP® profile belts.

HTS sprockets are manufactured in various sizes, dimensions and capacities to meet industry requirements. This includes a wide range of loads, speeds, and demanding applications. HP HTS Sprockets allow you more flexibility in your selection criteria. The expanded line allows you to fit the application with the most cost-effective sprockets.

HTS High Torque Sprockets are designed for RPP Tooth Profiles and are available in 5mm, 8mm, 14mm & 20mm pitch. They come stocked in QD and Taper Bush interchangeable bushing styles as well as Stock Bore.

HP HTS High Torque Sprockets are designed to run with the latest design of higher horsepower belts such as the Panther®. They are available in 8mm & 14mm pitch and come stocked in QD, TB or MPB styles.

  • Positive Slip-Proof Engagement over a Wide Range of Constant Driven Speeds
  • Wide Range of Load Capabilities with No Lubrication Requirements
  • High Mechanical Efficiency and Economical Drive System Operation
  • Made-to-Order Sheaves Available with Large Quantities Stocked on Request
  • Quicker Lead Times with Direct Access to Martin Sprocket Inc. Manufacturing Plants

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HTS Synchronous Sprockets Catalog
High HP HTS Synchronous Sprockets Catalog

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