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Timing Belt Pulleys
Timing Belt Sheaves

Timing Belt Pulleys

Available in QD, Taper Bushed and Stock Bore for 1/5″, 3/8″, 1/2″ & 7/8″ Pitch

5 Stock Pitches to Handle a Wide Range of Loads and Speeds More Efficiently

Timing Belt Pulleys and Sprockets by Martin Sprockets Inc. are manufactured to the closest specifications with minimum tooth-to-groove clearance for dependable performance on a wide range of drive systems.

Our Timing Belt Pulleys have evenly spaced axial grooves cut in their periphery. This ensures correct, positive engagement with the mating teeth of the belt. Each pulley is designed so that the teeth of the timing belts enter and leave the grooves with negligible friction. Resulting in a reduction in belt wear and extended belt lifetime.

We offer a range of Timing Pulleys with a trapezoidal tooth profile such as the XL, L, H and XH styles. 

Our pulleys are made in five stock pitches to handle a wide range of loads, speeds and applications at the highest possible efficiencies. The circular pitch is a basic consideration in the selection of timing pulleys as with gear and chain drives.

  • Timing Belt Pulleys Available in Metric and Imperial Widths
  • Peripheral Axial Grooves for Positive Engagement with the Belt Mating Teeth
  • Available Bored-to-Size in QD and Taper Bushings with or without Flanges
  • Made-to-Order Sheaves Available with Large Quantities Stocked on Request
  • Quicker Lead Times with Direct Access to Martin Sprocket Inc. Manufacturing Plants

Bushings are priced separately and must be added to pulley price.

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