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Variable Pitch Sheaves
V-Belt Sheaves

Variable Pitch Sheaves

Available in 1VP & 2VP Sizes

Increase of Decrease Driven Speeds in Seconds with Variable Pitch Sheaves!

Variable Pitch Sheaves by Martin Sprockets Inc. enables designers or engineers to easily increase or decrease the speed of the driven machine. This maximises the efficiency of the driven system and alters static pressure and airflow around the drive.

Variable Pitch Sheaves are commonly found on fans, blowers, and pumps. They are a simple way to vary fan speeds to meet required air flow specifications and engineering and regulatory requirements. When the discs are moved toward each other, the belt rides higher in the groove and the pitch diameter of the sheave is larger, which increases the driven speed. When the discs are moved away from each other, the reverse effect takes place, which decreases the driven speed.

  • Precision-Machined Grooves Available in Single or Double Groove Designs
  • Statically Balanced with Positive Locking Systems (Dynamic Balancing Available)
  • Made-to-Order Sheaves Available with Large Quantities Stocked on Request
  • Quicker Lead Times with Direct Access to Martin Sprocket Inc. Manufacturing Plants

Variable Pitch Sheave Types - 1VP & 2VP

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