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Image showing the Carlisle Belts Agricultural Banded Belt an Agricultural Belt and Banded Belt for Combines, Harvesters, and Tractors
Heavy-Duty Banded Belts

Super Vee-Band®

Available in RBP, RCP, RDP Sections

Built to Outperform on Drives with Pulsating Loads or Harsh Vibrations

Carlisle Super Vee-Band® is the ideal choice for drives where individual v-belts tend to roll over or whip severely due to fluctuation load conditions or harsh vibrations. Including, rock crushers, vibrating equipment, saws and pumps.

Featuring the reliable performance and classical design of Carlisle Super Blue Ribbon®. Super Vee-Band® is especially suited for challenging applications harnessing the stability of banded belts to remain strong on pulsating or stalling drives.

Built with a patented banding process, static-dissipating materials and heavy-duty belt fabric. The Super-Vee Band provides superior resistance to harsh environmental conditions including oil and heat and maximum flexibility to perform better over longer periods with extended belt life and resilience.

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Super Vee-Band Belt Features

1. Double Ply Engineered Tie-Band assures a smooth and stable operation through permanently bonding belts together and eliminating belt whip or turnover through a single unit operation.

2. Bias Ply Tie-Band provides maximum flexibility and extended belt life by delivering superior resistance to oil and heat.

Patented Banding Processes enable smoother and stabler runs with the elimination of belt whip or turnover when drives are subjected to fluctuating loads.

Super Vee-Band® Downloads

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