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Heavy-Duty Banded Belts

Wedge-Band® Chipper Drive®

Available in R5VL Sections

Controlled Slippage for Longer Belt Life on the Toughest Foresty Applications

Wedge-Band® Chipper Drive® Belts are uniquely designed to slip during overload or drive stall conditions. This results in less heat being generated and outstanding belt life on the most aggressive forestry applications.

Built with the latest in heavy-duty belt technology to deliver superior strength and stability. Including oversized polyester cord, stiff-flex graphite-loaded Chloroprene rubber, and six plies of laminated fabric with Raw-Edge sidewalls for outstanding performance across stability, strength, and power transmission.

The Wedge-Band® Chipper Drive® is the leading solution for chipper saws, de-barker drives, head rigs and more.

Wedge-Band Chipper Drive Available in R5VL Sections from CRP

Wedge-Band® Chipper Drive® Features

Wedge-Band Chipper Drive Belt Features

1. Extra-Large Polyester Cords add strength and stability during peak shock loads to minimise snub breaks and provide maximum resistance to belt stretch.

2. Six Plies of Laminated Fabric and Rubber combine for controlled slippage under peak loads defending against aggressive drives and heat damage for longer lasting and more efficient belts.

3. Stiff-Flex & Graphite-Loaded Compounds run smoother and resist oil, grease and sap through improving crosswise belt rigidity and providing maximum cord support in compression sections.

4. Double Ply Tie-Band prevents wood chips from lodging in the drive through permanently bonding multiple belts into a single unit and eliminating belt whip and turnover through shock load absorption.

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