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Image showing Variable Speed Cog Belts by Carlisle Belts
Variable Speed Belts

Variable Speed Cog-Belt

Available in TH x TW Sections

Superior Speed Control Across a Wide Range of Driven Speeds

Variable Speed Cog-Belt is designed for use in applications requiring exact speed control across a wider range of driven speeds.

Variable Speed Cog-Belts have been produced to the highest standards and meet or exceed the quality of OEM spec.

They feature the latest in advanced belt technology including a unique fabric covering for up to 175% more stretch. Stiff-Flex Compounds and Raw-Edge Sidewalls for longer belt life with tenacious gripping strength. And, Precision Moulded Cogs for improved heat dissipation across a wider belt surface area.

Variable Speed Cog-Belt Features

Variable Speed Cog Belt Features

1. Premium Fabric Covering significantly improves belt flex life with up to 175% more stretch than ordinary bias-cut fabric.

2. High-Modulus Cords carry maximum horsepower with excellent stability and shock resistance.

3. Stiff-Flex Compounds deliver longer belt life through providing uniform cord support and crosswise rigidity.

4. Precision Moulded Cogs dissipate heat more readily and improve belt flexibility by providing greater surface area and a cooler belt operation overall. 

5. Raw-Edge Sidewalls deliver tenacious gripping strength for a reduction in vibration and smoother more efficient power transmission.

Variable Speed Cog-Belt Downloads

Variable Speed Cog Belt Brochure


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