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Image showing Dual-Sided Synchronous Belts by Carlisle Belts a Synchronous Belt for use in printing presses, mixers, agitators, machine tools, sewing machines and more
Synchronous Belts

Dual Synchronous Belts

Available in D8M and D12M Sections

Proven Performance from Both Sides of the Belt with Dual Synchronous Belts

Dual Synchronous Belts deliver equally-loaded double-sided power transmission with maintenance-free synchronisation.

Featuring moulded tooth construction, RPP Profiles, and maintenance-free load synchronisation. Our Dual Synchronous Belt delivers outstanding performance with efficient, quiet, and smoother running power transmission.

The manufacturing process allows for 100% load capacity on both sides of the belt which is a unique feature and allows improved operation on serpentine style synchronous drives. With advanced polymer construction, strong fiberglass cords, and a wear resistant nylon tooth facing the Dual Synchronous Belt is perfect for a range of industrial applications.

Carlisle Belts Dual Synchronous Belts Available in D12MM and D14MM from CRP

Dual Synchronous Belts Features

Dual Synchronous Belts Features

1. Moulded-Tooth Construction for excellent resistance to shear and tooth jump with greater load capacities

2. RPP® Profile tooth design allows for smoother and quieter belt operation through dampening shock loads and vibration

3. Double-Sided Teeth with 100% load capacity on both sides of the belts for greater flexibility and efficiency

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