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Carlisle Belts Agricultural V-Belt part of the CRP range of agricultural belts
Agricultural V-Belts

Agricultural Narrow-Wedge V-Belts

Available in SPZ, SPA, SPB, & SPC Sections

Narrow V-Belts: Widely Respected Performance on Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural Narrow-Wedge V-Belts combine premium-grade materials with the expertise of leading belt manufacturer Carlisle Belts® by Timken® for more horsepower, less stretch, and longer service life on your agricultural equipment.

Rigorously tested over millions of hours and built to exact specifications. Super-AG® Narrow-Wedge V-Belts by Carlisle Belts® features the latest in cutting-edge belt technology including heavy-duty aramid cord and smooth but strong clutching covers to deliver long-term durability and superior performance in agricultural applications.

Agricultural Narrow-Wedge V-Belts Available in SPA, SPB, SPC and SPZ Sections

Agricultural Narrow-Wedge V-Belt Features

  • Extra-Strong Aramid Cord for higher horsepower capability and maximum protection against shock loads
  • Advanced Clutching Cover delivers smoother power transfer and stability on troublesome drives
  • Rigorously tested over millions of hours in real agricultural conditions for proven belt performance 
  • Engineered and manufactured in ISO 9001 registered facilities in the USA by Carlisle Belts by Timken

Agricultural Narrow-Wedge V-Belt Downloads

Download the Agricultural Belt Brochure featuring Agricultural V-Belts, Agricultural Banded Belts, Agricultural Flat Belts, Agricultural CVT Belts and More from Carlisle Belts by Timken's Range of Super-AG Drive Belts


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