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Image showing the Raw-Edge Bandaid V-Belts by Carlisle Belts
Raw-Edge V-Belts

Raw-Edge Bandaid Belts

Engineered for Extreme Gripping Power on Lawn and Garden Applications

Raw-Edge Bandaid Belts combine the tenacious gripping power of raw-edge belt technology with the slip characteristics of a wrapped v-belt. Delivering ideal performance on lawn & garden applications and clutching drives.

Featuring centralised chemically-treated polyester belt cords for greater flexibility and stability in high shock load applications. And, multiple plies of fabric built into the belt for enhanced durability. The Raw-Edge Bandaid Belt is the perfect choice for high-performance from blowers, compressors, lawnmowers and more.

Raw-Edge Bandaid Belts Features

  • Fiber-loaded stiff-flex premium quality rubber for better and stronger v-belt performance at low cost
  • Multiple plies of heavy-duty fabric covering built into the belt for enhanced durability and longer belt life
  • Specially treated polyester cord enhances belt stability with superior resistance to chemicals and abrasion


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