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Image showing Super Blue Ribbon® V-Belt by Carlisle Belts
Heavy-Duty Industrial Wrapped V-Belt

Super Blue Ribbon® V-Belt

Available in AP, BP, CP, DP, & EP Sections

Introducing Super Blue Ribbon® V-Belt the Finest Wrapped Belt in the Industry

Super rated at standard prices and dependable performance on a wide range of applications, load capacities, and horsepower capabilities. Super Blue Ribbon® V-Belt is the workhorse of classical wrapped v-belts.

Featuring a specially treated belt cord for a stronger and longer-lasting bond with the surrounding rubber and heavy-duty protective fabric covering. Super Blue Ribbon V-Belts demand less retensioning, longer belt life, and superb performance on an extremely wide range of applications and machines.

Super-Blue Ribbon V-Belt Available in AP, BP, CP, DP and EP Section

Super Blue Ribbon® V-Belt Features

  • Specially Coated Cord strengthens rubber bonds to assure longer life and eliminate separation problems
  • Dependable Length Stability significantly reduces belt re-tensioning and take-up adjustments
  • Heavy-Duty Fabric Cover protects the belt core for greater flexibility, longer belt life, and lower costs
  • Wider load capacities with rated performance from 100 – 8000 RPM and 1 – 1100 horsepower capability
  • Outstanding resistance to aggressive environmental conditions including oil, heat, and weather

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